The Search Is On To Find The Best Quiz Team On The Planet

The Quizzing World Cup is a team quiz that will take place during September, October and November and will be recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel.

Let’s show the world how amazing quiz players are!

The final will be broadcast for all to see at Quizzing Fest and will be streamed on YouTube and Facebook.

Open to teams all over the globe. No qualification required to play!

Teams of four  60 questions in every match  Knockout league – six matches guaranteed  Questions for individuals and for teams  Sets written by international writing panel  Country champions will be declared  Matches broadcast on our YouTube channel  Quizzing World Cup Final broadcast at Quizzing Fest

Just £20/team for the season. Less than £0.84 per player per week!

Apply For The Reserve List

Registration is now closed, but you can apply to go onto the reserve list in case any teams drop out.

  • You have until midnight on Saturday 12 September to register your team on the reserve list. Please email [email protected] with the details of your team name, location, captain and players – including everyone’s email addresses.
  • You can register a squad of 4-6 players.
  • Please let us know the country your team represents. (All players in your team must represent the same country.)
  • If all players are in the same city or region, please let us know this too.
  • Week zero (test week) will commence on Sunday 13 September.
  • We will work out the leagues once we know how many teams we have playing.
  • Payment should be made via PayPal to [email protected]

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