Group Stage 1

Here is the draw for Group Stage 1.

Group A
2Northern Lights
3Broken Warriors
4Quizine Française
5OK Zoomer
Group B
1Croatia A
2Flamingo Bellagio
3Denmark B
4Pakistan Green
5The Eggman
Group C
2Australia Red
4Cymru Am Byth
5Pakistan Intellectuals
Group D
1Victorious Sponge
3Gilles’ Team
4The Floaters
5Judean Popular People’s Quiz Team
Group E
1Singapore Merlions
2Australia Gold
3Fray Bentos
4Ollie and Gracies lonely heartclub band
5Cwm Ponder
Group F
1Team North East
2Here’s Johnny!
3Sinister Six
4Scotland A
5Oompa loompas
Group G
1Swiss Quizzers
2Australia Green
3Ceefax the Hoop
4Cogito Ergo Mum
Group H
1Nerds of Steel
2Gertrude Ederle
4Dave Legler’s Team
5Scotland Chanters
Group I
1Australia White
2Bulgarian Lions
4The Sign of Four
5Post-Trebek Stress Disorder
Group J
1Quiz van der Rohe
2Alferd Packer: Irony Chef
3Master Vision
4Tiimi nimi
5The Clew Crew
Group K
1IRL, but not IRL
2Australia Blue
3Trivial Blah Blahs
4Bulgarian Rational Society
5Balkanic Utopia
Group L
2East Coast Massive
3Pam’s People
4Joseph’s Team
5Mimir’s Well, Thanks for Asking
Group M
1LA Quizzers
2The Inquizitive Chuckle
3Castro Brothers
4Scotland B
Group N
1Urban Fervor
3Four guys, no girls, and-most regrettably-zero pizza places
4The Zoomtown Rats
Group O
1Denmark A
2Matunga Mandram
4The Internationals
5Biskut Bois
Group P
1Slope Artists
2Central Nervosa
3Very Stable Geniuses
4Old Speckled Hen
5The Munsters

Fixtures will take place as follows:

Week 1
Team 1 vs Team 2
Team 3 vs Team 4
Week 2
Team 1 vs Team 3
Team 2 vs Team 5
Week 3
Team 1 vs Team 5
Team 2 vs Team 4
Week 4
Team 1 vs Team 4
Team 3 vs Team 5
Week 5
Team 2 vs Team 3
Team 4 vs Team 5